2D Typography Animation Art Of The Title Bruce Allmighty

This is typography 2D animation I've made in the second year of my Audio Visual Animation Education.
The timelimit of this product is 01:50 you can choose a Audio fragement of a movie or music with lyrics for this project.
So I've decided to choose the live-action movie Bruce Allmighty.

We can't use any other programs then Adobe Flash.
Everything has to with the initials of your keyboard to tell your story of this 2D graphic Animation.

The Audio fragment is a scene about Bruce that he became God in the first day and to get the gangster group back
from that they knocked him out after he was fired from Channel 6 television broadcast center.

Program used:
Adobe flash CS4
Adobe Soundbooth CS4
Audio: Bruce Allmighty
Scene: Monkey comes out my butt.
Animation by: Timmie Ng