Folia Maakt Kennis (Dutch broadcast Program) Leader 2013 Animation

This a new Animation that I've made for the broadcast program called Folia Maakt Kennis (Folia Meets in English) a weekly program of Folia Radio.
Since October 2012 I've wanted to make a new leader for the year 2013 for the first new episode of Folia Meets.
They don't have a good leader so I've decided to make a new one to give they programme a better look.
I've showed them as well to Paul van de Water, Jim Jansen, Luuk Heezen and Eva Rooijers the MC's of the programme.
All four of them liked them.
You can watch Folia Maakt Kennis (Folia Meets) each Saturday from 15:00 PM till 16:00 PM on SALTO TV.

Visit they websites as well:
Folia Maakt Kennis (Folia Meets)

Program used:
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Animation, Design & Editing by: Timmie Ng