Could you not be so loud by Thomas Wals and Timmie Ng

This is a 2D stop-motion clay Animation project that I've made together with Thomas Wals
in the first year of our Audio visual Animation education.

The story is called Kan het wat zachter? in dutch, English: (Could you not be so loud).
A green clay is wants to read his newspaper quietly but suddenly the blue clay figure from
the neighbour turn the music very hard.
Now the green clay figure wants to turn it softer.
But can he do it on his way?

Camera, SFX, scenario, house design & final editing by: Thomas Wals
Storyboard, camera, audio, pre-production, clay designs and house objects by: Timmie Ng

Program used:
I-stop motion (MAC)
Adobe After Effects CS3
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Adobe Soundbooth CS3