YAD Executive Conference 2013 Annual Report (The Netherlands) Entry

A Facebook Timeline animation I've made for the YAD (Youth Adult Division) Executive Conference 2013 that was held in Paris.
This video shows how the YAD Holland did they activities and programs during the last 13 years 2000-2013 our Annual Report that we had to show to the other YAD Excutive members from all over the World.

Since they were a lot of people are from Taiwan and are Chinese I had to make a translation for the people who can't read english therefore the Chinese characters in the Animation.
It was quite a challenge my making this Timeline animation a great experience to do.

Audio: BLF - Alles is Liefde (Everything is Love)
Animation and design by: Timmie Ng

Program used:
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
Adobe Soundbooth CS4