YAD Annual Report 2015 The Netherlands South Africa YAD Conference

This was the Annual Report 2015 of the Netherlands video for the YAD Executive conference that was held in South Africa.

This year I've made a slightly different concept then the Facebook Timeline. Because Instagram has become days now more populair and populair i want to create our activities, lectures and studygroups.
In our Instagram Animation style which are photo highlights of these past months of this year 2015.

I also want to introduce what YAD means YAD stands for Youth Adult Division and there is also BLIA which stands for Buddha's Light International Association.
Both divisions are helping each other to spread the Buddhism and Buddha's teaching and try to create the Society and Harmony. That our goal what we want to reach with this division of BLIA and YAD.

Venerable Miao Heng
Stephanie Lam
Ivan Lim
Si Chen
Ka Man Chan
Kah Cake Yau

Camera, Editing and Animation design by: Timmie Ng T.NG Visuals
Audio: Guus Meeuwis - Armen Open

Special thanks to: Venerable Miao Heng, He Hua Temple BLIA YAD Holland, Stephanie Lam, Ivan Lim, Si Chen, Ka Man Chan, Guan Her Ng and Kah Cake Yau.
All rights reserved T.NG Visuals 2015