La Noble Merlot Wine Commercial

We had to make A Commercial with a product by your own choice.
So I've decided to make a Wine Commercial.
The reason why I made a Wine Commercial is because you don't see a lot of Wine commercials most of the commercials you have
are Kitkat, Cars, Sprite, Coca Cola those popular commercials it was not really a challenge for me
so I've decided to make a Wine Commercial with live-action, 2D, 3D Animation.

The Deadline is here The presentation was flawless for me I only had to show my product video to my classmates and get a lots of feedbacks which what I could do better.
But the End result turn out well.

Special thanks to Veera that I can use him as Actor and his house.

Program used:
Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Cinema 4D R11.5
Animation, Editing & Directed by: Timmie Ng