Rivella Commercial 2013 (Dutch language) A little strange but delicious

This is my qualification exam project that I've made for the Media College Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
I couldn't choose a product of my choice. I had to choose one of the seven products that stands on the briefing.

I could choose:
Centraal beheer Achmea (Even Apeldoorn bellen)
M&M's Chocolate commercial
Red Bull
Ohra verzekering
Merci dat jij er bent

When I've start the pre-production I had a concept in my mind between Merci or Rivella.
First of all I want to make a Merci Commercial but it was to sugary sweet one so I've decided to do a concept with a product that more potential for me. So it became Rivella.
Rivella is a soft light drink with no sugar its artificial flavored.
So this product is for people who has diabetes can drink it.
The target group is for people between the 26 and 40 years old.
Mostly for adults.
But it can be as well drink by people who are interested in drinks with no sugar.
During the pre-production I had less time to finish this project because of the Capsule project.
The Capsule project is a project for the Actor education end year project 8 different actors and actress are making a movie which
I was one of the crew members as sound assistant 10 days long I've worked with them together for the Capsule production.
So each of the 10 days I had 3 hours production time.
After the Capsule project was over I had my normal production times from max 8 hours each day.
So I've finished the debriefing, Synopsis, Concept, script, planning schedule during the capsule project.
I show it to my teacher and the idea was not good so I had to make a different concept of it.
My research wasn't very good during the beginning about two young boys are finished eating and want something drink after eating.
He went to the fridge and check if there is a drink inside the fridge only food but not drinks. Then he went out to go for a walk.
The Boy 2 waits until Boy 1 left and he get a white box were normally you put cakes in it. He opens the box and there is a drink inside named Rivella.
That concept didn't quite work so I've decided to make a different one. This time with more weird stuffs I had this story in mind when I did more research on the other commercials.

STORY OF THE COMMERCIAL: I need two actors for this first off a butler and a guest who wants to order a drink.
He is not going to order a normal drink like Coca Cola, Fanta, Ice Tea etc. But a Soft Light Drink.
He ask the butler if there is such a drink the Butler said yes.
The Butler walks back to the kitchen and get his drink.
The Butler use is technique to fill the drink as a open dream nature because the product itself is a nature product. The Butler brings the drink like its a heaven nature drink.
Butler walks back to the bar and gives the quest a drink.
When the guest pick up the drink he try to get the taste of the flavor and his world changed into Nature.
Guest is surprised and really wants to know what kind of drink it is? The butler shows the name of the bottle and its a Rivella.
After the Pre-production and Post-production I had a Presentation at April 18th 2013.
The presentation went very well everything from what I've learned in the past I want to show it that I can do
this with this production after some few changes in the video I've made two versions of this commercial.
This one is the Sale version there is another one with a small amount with sense of humor but will be published later on my Vimeo channel.
I've learned a lot for this project even with shorter time of production it was a nice experience with a nice production book and video product.

Program used:
Adobe After Effects CS5.5 (For the Nature Animation)
Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 (Exporting final encoding)
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (Nature elements masking) For example butterfly, leaves, air, nature.
Final Cut Pro 7 (Live-action editing)

Camera D.O.P. Light, Animation, Editing and Director: Timmie Ng
Sound recorder: Lance Martina
Set Photographer: Kareem Brasdorp

The Butler: Jianni Elsenhout
Guest Robson: Ronald Hooyer