Kgotla 2013 Vienna Conference Report Entry (The Netherlands)

This is a video report that I've made for the Vienna (Austria) Conference that will be held in April 2013 for Kgotla International Conference.
The company is called Kgotla this is a company that based is in Amsterdam(The Netherlands), Johannesburg (South Africa)
and Hamburg (Germany).
They are facilicitating the passed 10 years diversity programs and leadership programs based on the wisdom of the people.
Martijn de Liefde the founder of the Kgotla company is going to tell you about what kind of project he is going to share at the conference and his message for the Kgotla conference.

Program used:
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5
Final Cut Pro 7
Leader Animation & Editing by: Timmie Ng