Short Movie LISTEN

Coming soon: Extended version

This Short movie is not meant for Commercial use or become popular.

This Short Movie has a meaning to help the people who has a handicap it doesn't matter what kind of person you are male or female your still being you and beautiful just the way you are even you have a handicap and we respect each other the same.
Inspired by the Jubilee Project movies
A Short Movie about a girl named Linda who is writing her Diary each day when she is at the park.
But one a boy named Kai went to the park as well and is interested to Linda and try to communicate with her but she doesn't response.
Then Kai will use a different method to communicate with her.

Perry Zobdeh as Linda
Alex Heringa as Kai

Director, Cinematography, Scenario, Animation credits and Post-production by Timmie Ng
Audio Operator: Lance Martina

Special thanks to:
The Jubilee Project
Vicky Andreea
Guan Her Ng
Aernoud Florijn
Fenneke van Renselaar
Annett Verhoeff
Public Access Amsterdam (Salto)