Role Playing Kill Bill 2 scene (Bill Death) by Aranka and Nikolai

This was a video project I've made in the second year of my Audio Visual Animation Education.
The assignment was to make a scene from a movie that already exists.
We choosed the Bill death scene from the famous quentin tarantino movie Kill Bill 2.

(Real live-action scene of the movie):
Kill Bill 2 (Bill Death scene)

We had 4 hours the time to make the assignment it was actually possible to finish it in 4 hours.
I had to work in groups so I've decided to work with Aranka and Nikolai they were the actors in this Role Playing.
The End result turned out well.
But too bad the audio had too much noise since it was a project that I've didn't much knew how the audio works.
There is a lot of improvement in my other projects since then.

Nikolai van Nunen (as Bill)
Nikolai van Nunen Vimeo

Aranka Mulder (as Uma Thurman)
Aranka Mulder Portfolio Website

Director, Camera and Editing by: Timmie Ng
Program used: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4