Live-action Music Video Wings of Goodbye (Sayonara no Tsubasa)

I've made for the first time a Live-action Music Video based on a Anime Movie called Macross Frontier.
The music called Sayonora no Tsubasa means Wings of Goodbye.

Director, Camera, Editing and Animation: Timmie Ng
Gaffer: Andy Midside Vinaproductions
Allround Assistant: Lance Martina

Sheryl Nome - Anne Pouw (Moekke Cosplay)
Ranka Lee - Fanny Li (Kaoru Lily)
Guitarist: Ramon Robson

In collaboration with
Special Thanks to:
Romy Kuiper
Sander van den boogaart
Kaj Schulten
Ramon Robson (Guitar player)
Theater Meervaart Amsterdam
Publieke Omroep Amsterdam (Salto)
Cultuur fabriek
Pakhuis de Zwijger

ALL rights Reserved 2013 PRISM
Timmie Ng