The Classical Orchestra 2013

This is my final assignment project for the Mediacollege in Amsterdam.

A Short promotional video about a Young Ochrestra group called
The Classical Orchestra.

The Classical Orchestra goal is to become of the Top classic Orchestra group of the Netherlands so that they can be accepted for wedding events, theatre events, concerts in the Netherlands.

For more information visit: Klassieke Muziek Producties
(Dutch only)
There is a website coming up for The Classical Orchestra (TBA).

The Classical Orchestra is a assignment for Klassieke Muziek Producties by Martin van der Brugge

Director, Editing and Animation by: Timmie Ng
Main Director: Jasper Lok
Camera Assistant: Bryan de Jong
Crane operator: Jan Broedersz
Gaffer: Edwin Roos
Sound operator: Casper van Doleweerd

Special Thanks to:
The Classical Orchestra
Edwin Roos
Leen La Riviere
Martin van der Brugge
Continental Art Centre Rotterdam