Wind of the East (Short Movie 2 Project)

Genre: Drama, Action
During: 07:28

The story is about a boy named Brave who is beaten by his Boss at the Wushu company.
After the incident he decide to take revenge of him and go to a Chinese Temple to learn a fist technic by a Master.

Jianni Elsenhout (Brave)
Master Fong (Timmie Ng)
Boss Robson (Ramon Robson)

Director, Animation, Camera, Editing & Production: Timmie Ng
Audio: Thomas Djuly, Kevin Spaan & Guan Her Ng
Camera & Light : David Djuly
Allround Assistant: Mariska Jongsma & Ramon Robson

This was my Short Movie 2 project I made for Audio Visual Design.

The Briefing:
In the beginning of this project we had to make a Short movie from around the 8 to 10 minutes.
We also had to edit our footage in Final Cut Pro which is a software program for the MAC OS.
Cause I work with the MAC OS that will be no problem.
Okay we had 5 weeks the time to finish our video production. I was thinking I can made it.
I already had my story in mind and wrote a Script since the Script was way too long my teacher said to change some of the subject in the Story so I did that after that the Script was changed from 12 pages till 5 pages.

The start of the production:
Okay the Script was good and I was preparing to make a Production Book from my Short Movie.
The process went well I was satisfied with the 4 days of recording two days at the He Hua Temple at Amsterdam Zeedijk and two days at my home for the Office scene.

We had some stress moments but working on an set is though and I've learned a lot from this project for example always have a shotlist in my pocket If I want to ask the cameraman for what kind of shots I want cause I was doing the Director function and Cast function both difficult to handle but it worked everything was filmed after 4 different days spread in 1,5 week.
The editing went very well I had no problems with the software of the legal version of Final Cut Pro.

The deadline was 12 december 2011 so the presentation came it was very funny when I was presenting the video and I said lights out the lights went out and the public where cheering me on like a Master controlling the
stage. The end result came after the final week of november so on the first week of November I had my result in the meantime I've changed a lot of things in the video like remove distortion in the audio, make the movie shorter to make more the clue better to understand what the public sees.

Program used:
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1
Final Cut Pro 7
Adobe Soundbooth CS4

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